Trips on JamJar restart


With the latest Government Gazette, Tours by boat are now allowed to resume and we are happy to announce that your favorite Harbour and Sea cruise trips will be able to restart soon.

With all safety protocols in place …

Charters restart…

Where do we start?!

With the latest Government Gazette, the Tourism minister has stated that “Guided tours by boat ” are now allowed to resume, provided strict Covid-19 Protocols are followed.

This is very exciting news, as you all might …

Weekly safety checks

Hello again..

As you all know, we are still unable to operate our vessels with passengers.

In order to ensure that when we hit the road running, all our boats will still be safety compliant and no issues onboard.

Yesterday, …

Covid-19 Update


Just a quick heads up to let you all know what is happening.

Recently recreational fishing on boats was allowed again, with the sailing boat fraternity just allowed to reopen.

Unfortunately for us, we are still waiting for word …



Since the easing of restrictions in movement, our team has been hard at work, making use of the time do do much needed maintenance and upgrades.

This week we tackled the heavy job of sanding down all outside surfaces …

Maintenance day for JamJar


This last week, our small like cruiser.. JamJar had some TLC done.

After a quick spin in the bay, to make sure his engines are running well after sitting for so long, it was decided to beach him and …

Cruising Update!


As you all know, the Government regulations regarding the easing of various frames of industry are continuously changing.

Whilst many spheres have be permitted to operate again, unfortunately us in the marine industry as still “locked down”.

We are …


Welcome back..

Well as some of you would know, we have a new cruise boat in the process of being constructed.

Whilst he will not be of the same design as our Flagship, Madevu S.A, Project X is going to …