Night trips on JamJar

Starting this month, our small boat JamJar will  be doing private 1hour trips and “Sunset” trips in the bay.

Want to enjoy the sights of Durban at night? On a budget? JamJar is then, definitely the boat for you. Small and comfortable, you will be close to the water’s edge. Firstly, JamJar is the only small harbour boat that cruises at night. In addition to being small, he is far more comfy on the water.

Catering for 11 passengers only, you will have comfort and well as seeing the sights of Durban harbour and the coastline (weather dependant). No rush and craziness like the bigger boats.

Perfectly suited for a small group of friends or family and at an extremely affordable rate.

Contact us today and come ride on the “Small boat, with a BIG heart”

Cya !